Hello and welcome to Brows by Lynette!

Lynette As an eyebrow threading prodigy at the young age of 16, the years of experience I have gained as a professional eyebrow artist have been a blessing. Although I was talented with threading eyebrows, I never dreamt I would build a career of it. My educational background includes a degree in computer engineering and business administration leading to a career in accounting;  however, my true passion laid in the arts. At a young age, I began painting and drawing and upheld art as the true aesthetic of life. Since I had an eye for drawing faces, I paid attention to the way eyebrows could beautify or demolish a piece of art. Much like this ideology, I believe human faces are a work of art, a canvas, and the eyebrows of a person could change their look dramatically. My goal in my career as an eyebrow specialist is to repair, create, and maintain the suitable eyebrow shape and look for each individual person. I take pride in my work and provide my best to all clients by listening to their needs and taking into consideration their preferences as an individual. Additionally, I have been trained as a makeup artist to understand how certain products could enhance the look of one’s eyebrows. My training and expertise has led me to collaborate with incredible artists in the field, allowing me to consistently perfect my own work. I invite you to contact me for appointments and consultations and I look forward to the many beautiful canvases I will meet.